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AC Rentals In Kolkata-Experience Cooling Without Buying One

Maybe, you’re a student who is in the city for a year and investing in an AC just for a year won’t make sense. At Your AC Care we know there will be some customers who will need to hire an AC for a year, rather than buying a new one. And, guess what?

We have got you covered here too. We provide all types of AC- Windows, Split or Ductable for monthly rent (with a minimum lock-in period) all over Kolkata and beyond.

AC Rentals Kolkata

Terms of AC Rentals

There is a minimum lock-in period for each type of AC.


  • Windows- six months
  • Split-   twelve months
  • Ductable-twenty four months
  • Free Delivery Charges
  • Free Fitting Charges but in case of windows AC, the fitting slot should be ready.
  • You have to pay a security deposit amount which is fully refundable
  • You have to pay monthly rent on advance mode
  • We will take care of maintenance and services, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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