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Nicco Park, Kolkata, West Bengal

Nicco Park is an amusement park located in Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal. Nicco Park is regarded as Disneyland of West Bengal. Nicco park opened on 13 October 1991. It is a 40-acre park having 35 different attractions to entrain people. Nicco park has served over 24 million customers.  It also provides the green environment.

Nicco park has 35 different toys such as Toy Train, Tilt-a-Whirl, Striking Cars, Paddle Boat, Water Chute, Water Coaster, Flying Saucer, Pirate Ship, River Caves, Cyclone and Moonraker. The giant Cyclone added in 2003. It is an Asia’s largest having length 750m and have 7 drops. The total cost to create Nicco park was 8 crores. Nicco park opened with 13 rides.  The entry charge of Nicco park per head is 200 rupees.

Nicco Park, Kolkata, West Bengal

Nicco Park is a great park and is created with the objective in mind to give children educative recreation. Nicco park has a very vast space and every place is beautiful in its own way. People usually visit Nicco park on their vacation and they get a great deal of entertainment in Nicco Park. Nicco park has so many sections like the science section to know about science, history section, and so on. Nicco park offers a pass to their customer and by purchasing they can freely ride any toy even the giant cyclone. The difference between entry charge and pass is that in entry charge you have pass money on the specific ride like the giant ride but in a pass only the pass money and any ride free of cost any number of time.

Nicco Park is an amazing amusement park for children as well as an adult. It has a swimming pool so you can take full enjoyment of water in the swimming pool. In the evening, Nicco park looks great. You can see around the Nicco park food selling stall that serves food to customers. As Nicco park is in salt lake the price of the foods is expensive. It’s recommended to people to carry own food in Nicco park because they usually can’t the price of the food. The main gate open at 10.30 am and the ride start at 10. 45 am. If you want a full day enjoyment it is better for you to come Nicco park as early as possible and get the full fun.

Nicco park has natural attraction such as rose garden and a fort feet high waterfall. People usually visit this place to get the beauty of nature. The couple comes Nicco park occasionally. There are so many that require a whole day to explore. For child so many games available so that they can play them and have a lovely time with them. If you haven’t visited Nicco park yet you miss the beauty of the Kolkata. It’s time for you visit and get full enjoyment. 

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