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Indian Museum, Kolkata, West Bengal

Indian Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world. It is also regarded as Imperial Museum at Calcutta in British era. It has rare collections of antique, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and Mughal paintings. It is founded by Asiatic society of Bengal in 1814. Sir William Jones is the creator of this society. The founder curator is Nathaniel Wallich, a Danish botanist. The current director of Indian museum is Rajesh purohit.

It has six sections such as Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Economic Botany and thirty-five galleries. Indian museum directorate has eight co-ordinating service unit like Education, Preservation, publication, presentation, photography, medical, modeling and library. The concept of Indian museum arose from the members of the Asiatic Society. They were thinking that we need to have a museum where we can accommodate man-made and natural objects. That’s the reason of the Indian museum came into existence.

Indian Museum, Kolkata, West Bengal

Indian museum carries out three types of training program annually- in-service museum training course, the short course in museum studies, and practical training within the museum for the post-graduate students of the Department of Museology, Calcutta University. The museum also regarded as “the beginning of a significant epoch initiating the socio-cultural and scientific achievements of the country. It is otherwise considered as the beginning of the modernity and the end of medieval era” by UZER Places       

 The museum is open for all. The curators visit the museum for research and development purpose. The fare to visit the museum is Rs 10 per person except for infant or baby. For the foreigner it costs Rs. 50. The museum has a vast library. It is now a residential mansion of 4000 years old Egyptian mummy. The organ has taken out except the heart. The heart is placed in a special chamber. The body has massaged with oil and salt. The body is cover with the thin cotton cloth. It has the Buddhist stupa from Bharhut, the Buddha’s ashes, the Ashoka pillar, fossil skeletons of prehistoric animals, an art collection, rare antiques, and a collection of meteorites.

You are allowed to take photographs of the items in the Indian Museum, but it will charge you extra money. Rs 50 for a nominal camera and Rs 100 for a camera with tripods and a stand. You will get a nice experience inside the museum. It has a large skeleton of a dinosaur and so many ancient animals. You will get to know the ancient culture of India in the Indian museum. It is good to visit the museum to get knowledge about your related fields. People usually visit Indian museum on vacation. It is very spacious you make take a whole to explore each and every thing inside of it.   

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